Learning Spanish on your coffee break

I recently discovered a fast way of learning Spanish. The secret is to use an online course that offers audio lessons and take them with you wherever you want. I’ve been using this method for quite a long time and it’s really efficient. I was forced to learn Spanish in order to obtain another position in my company and a salary raise. It felt like a daunting and time consuming task at first, but after I’ve discovered the above mentioned method, everything seemed very simple.

Learning the language during a coffee break Spanishis an innovative method way to do something productive. I obviously didn’t invent this method. I found it in my research on a discussion board. It sounded silly at first, but once I’ve started using it, the tool became quite effective.

After I’ve decided that I don’t want and don’t need a traditional course, I started the search for online classes. First of all I had to establish what exactly I wanted from my course. I needed it to be intensive, entertaining and interactive. I was also looking for a cost effective lesson and for one that could offer me those precious audio books. I must say it took me a few days to find what I was looking for, but in the end I came across the perfect online Spanish course. It had everything I wanted, plus some very funny games that helped me learn the vocabulary and the grammar in an instant. I had quite a good time with those games. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring them with me at work. Instead, what I could bring with me were the audio books.

I must confess that in a couple of days, my MP4 player became my best friend. It accompanied me in the morning when I was jogging, on the way to work, during my coffee break, on the way back home and while I was working out in the evening. Some said I became obsessed with that MP4 player, but it was the only way to learn Spanish in such a short time.

The best thing of all was that one of my co-workers was Spanish, so every time I needed some help with my exercises all I had to do was ask him. His tips and recommendations have been very valuable for me. So, I was able to mix the coffee break Spanishmethod with the advice of a native Spanish speaker. I think this was my advantage. In only two months I learned basic Spanish and I was able to take the test for that dream position. Even though I was prepared, I was a little nervous because I was the only candidate that was self-instructed. In the end, it turned out that self instruction was better than the traditional courses. I got the job and the raise and I was very happy. Now I must make improvements, because the position requires an advanced level of Spanish. I’ll continue with the coffee break Spanishtechniqueand hopefully it will be as successful as well.

Learn Spanish Easily – With the Rocket Spanish course

After reviewing many of the big players in learning Spanish online, or #1 recommendation is the “Rocket Languages: Learn Spanish” course. We found it easy to get acquainted with, very informative and structured very well. We feel it’s better than Rosetta Stone – and beats many more expensive products.