Going to the beach for some holiday is always a good idea. However, overcrowding is always a downer. See how you can access prime remote beaches in Greece.

Since the summer has arrived, there is that holiday mood in the air. The sun is shining bright, and everybody is all jolly and happy. With the heat that comes with the summer sun, we all can help but think of spending the whole day in the water. To some people, this might mean packing a bathing suit and heading to the local pool to have some fun with friends and neighbors. However, to others, this is the perfect time to pack a bag and visit some far off country to explore their beaches and explore new cultures.

It is no secret that Greece is one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in Europe. Millions of people usually visit the Greek islands every year. Greece consists of between 166 and 227 inhabited islands. However, the number of islands that fall under this countries territory is over 6000. The main reasons why this country is such a tourist magnet is because of its rich history and pristine beaches.

When you visit Greece, there are so many monuments that you can get to visit that were created by the ancient Greeks. Apart from that, the combined total coastline of Greece is over 16000 km, which means there are so many pristine beaches for travelers to visit during the hot summer times. Apart from that, the people of Greece are very welcoming. They understand that tourism comprises of a huge chunk of their internal revenue. Therefore, they always strive to make visitors feel welcome so that they can come again. Greece is full of fun activities for any traveler to enjoy. Examples of these events include;

  • Visiting the numerous historical sites.
  • Sunbathing on the beach.
  • A sampling of the different traditional foods that the Greek people prepare.

Due to advancements in technology, even those holidaymakers who do not speak the native language do not have to have a hard time communicating with the locals. One only has to utilize an English-Greek online translator and be able to convert English language into their native or vise versa. This means that a language barrier should not be something to hinder you from visiting this beautiful land and having the time of your life.

The most popular destination for most tourists visiting Greece is the island of Crete. This is because it is one of the largest islands of those that make up this beautiful country. This part of Greece is widely known because of its diversity extending from pristine sandy beaches at its coastline to the picturesque White Mountains. Crete is also where the Ideon cave resides. This cave is a sure tourist attraction as it is the birthplace of Zeus, a powerful god in Greek mythology.

When most people visit Crete, they tend to visit only the popular beaches in the area. Even though you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun in these places, overcrowding is one factor that can spoil your mood due to the high traffic of holidaymakers on these beaches. Therefore, for those sightseers who prefer to have some peace and privacy, here are some remote beaches on this island that are very attractive but with minimal tourists’ traffic:

The Agios Pavlos Beach

For anyone looking for a secluded beach, then this is the perfect place to visit. The beach is gorgeous and is hidden by rocky terrain in the corner of Crete. However, for anyone thinking of visiting this beach, you must bring an umbrella with you. This is because this beach does not have the natural shade provided by palm trees like other beaches. However, this should not be a course for alarm since there is a rental service that rents sunbeds along with umbrellas for only 3 Euros near the beach.  Another beautiful thing is that there is a wooden staircase right on the beach that enables sightseers to be able to climb up to the top of the cliffs and have a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

The Triopetra Beach

This is also another beautiful beach that is less frequented by travelers. It is adorned with a lot of vegetation that helps provide people with the much needed natural shade, especially in the hot summer sun. A resort near the beach provides a lot of amenities. These include ample parking and rooms for rent in case one wants to spend the night and wake to a spectacular view of a picturesque beach.

The Marathi Beach

Compared to the first two, the Marathi beach is relatively smaller in size. However, this does not mean that it is not as beautiful as or even more attractive than the others. Marathi has located approximately 14 km from Chania town. The waters of this beach are crystal clear, allowing a lot of visibility in the water. This beach is also lined with a lot of taverns that provide travelers with the time of their lives. Furthermore, there are several resorts near this place, which means that as a visitor, you will have all your needs catered for in one place.

The Kyani Akti Beach

This beach is kind of popular in Crete, but it does not get a lot of tourists visiting it. It is a wonderful place. It has got a white sandy beach that borders crystal clear waters. The Kyani Akti beach is located at least two kilometres from Kalyves, and it is situated right in the Souda bay. There are also a lot of beach resorts, restaurants and fancy hotels for those who feel like staying for a while.

Crete and Greece, in general, is a beautiful place to visit. This place offers you a lot of different activities that will ensure that your days are eventful and full of fun. However, for those people who like to shake things up and go off the map, this list was created specifically for you. The holiday is here, so it is time to create good memories. Enjoy yourself!